Who we are

INDAERO was born in 2002, manufacturing plates and labels for AIRBUS. Since 2004 it machines aerospace parts. In 2006 it started to offer its engineering, design and manufacturing services for engine ground covers with plastic and textile materials. In 2007, INDAERO gets the aerospacial EN9100 certificate.

In 2010 INDAERO begins to sell their products to Austria and Poland. In 2014 performed the entrepreneurial group EBAS GROUP with UNILASER and EBAS CABIN in order to offer more comprehensive services, including sheets transformations and illuminated cabin panels manufacturing.


In 2015 it begins to manufacture hybrid tooling using high resistance 3D-printed thermoplastics combined with traditionally manufactured elements. In 2016 it begins to manufacture 3D-printed soluble molds for composites.

Organization chart

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