Productive means

centro de mecanizado tecnigrab
cabina de pintura indaero
  • MIKRON VCE 800 Pro three-axis machining center: 16kW at 10000rpm head power, 800x500x540mm available, ± 0.001mm resolution.
  • MULTICAM 3000 Serie three-axis milling machine with vacuum function: 9kW at 24000rpm head power, 2500x1300x220mm available, ± 0.02mm resolution, ± 0.025mm repeatability.
  • EVASA GMA termoforming machine: 1000x2000x150mm available.
  • VENTURE P600 pantograph with 400x600x70mm engraving area.
  • VENTURE VPE61 pantograph with 400x300x70mm engraving area.
  • ROLAND CAMM 1 SERVO 700mm cutting plotter.
  • CIBAR 1000mm cutter: up to 2mm steel ad up to 4mm aluminium.
  • ABERLINK AXIOM TOO coordinate-measuring machine: 640x600x440mm dimensions, 0.001 mm resolution. Aberlink 3D Software for model-based verification.
  • MONTILLA Y LUQUE painting cell.
  • SIGMA de Brother Industries LTD sewing machine.
  • Stratasys Fortus 450mc: FDM high resistance thermoplastics 3D printing machine. 406.4×355.6×406.4mm available. Up to 0.1270 mm precision.
  • MADEMAR drying oven: up to 300ºC, 1200x1400x600mm dimensions.

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