Process versatility to simplify and reduce your delivery times.

Textile manufacturing

INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY designs and manufactures any type of interior or exterior equipment, covers and textile protections with industrial machinery and specialized technical advice.

Hand cutting and sewing (assisted by controlled tools), laser cutting or water jet cutting for textile parts.

Waterproof and self-extinguishing textile quality material, certified according to ABD0031 or FAR25.853.

Plastic thermoforming

INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY can quickly manufacture plastic components thanks to the thermoforming process, in which a sheet of thermoplastic material is softened by an increase in temperature to subsequently, and by applying a vacuum, adapt its shape to that of a mold, thus obtaining the shape of the desired part.

3 and 5 axis machining

ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certification.
We provide dimensional reports for our parts.
We have commercial allies that allow us to offer a wide range of final processes.
We can inspect and provide certified materials.
We work with CAD models, Solidworks, CATIA, IGS or PDF formats. We carry out works ranging from micro-machining to large pieces (up to 3 meters).
4 3-axis CNC
2 5-axis CNCs

Aeronautical assembly

INDAERO EMERGY GROUP S.L. It has more than 20 years of experience in assembling aeronautical structures, from mechanized assemblies and AGEs to GSEs structures that combine different types of materials, including metals, plastics, foams, and textiles.

Additive manufacturing

INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY has established itself as a benchmark in engineering and manufacturing in the definition and implementation of additive technology for the aeronautical and space sector.

Technical labels and identification

Products of high quality, durability and resistant to the exterior. Diversity of finishes and printing techniques: Anodizing, Milling, Die-cutting, Laser, Thermal Transfer and Screen Printing. Materials: Polycarbonate, PVC, Vinyl, Technical Adhesives, Anodized Aluminum and Steel. Varied designs that include colors, holes, logos, barcodes or QR codes.