With over 15 years of experience

Process consulting

Indaero advises you not only in defining and changing manufacturing methodologies, but also helps you take your business to another level through turnkey solutions and implementation of tools that make it more competitive.

3D modeling

Indaero’s engineering department helps you model your plans in Catia.

Our engineers and designers, thanks to their experience, ensure compliance with design specifications so that when it comes to materializing your product, there are no discrepancies between the drawing and the feasibility of manufacturing.

CNC programming

At Indaero we help you optimize your machining programs.

Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, we have a team of agile and consolidated programmers who can adapt their programming to the particular needs of each client.

Team design

Our company has experience with more than 100 equipment and tooling design projects for important companies such as AIRBUS, AERNNOVA, ALESTIS, ACITURRI, ITP AERO, SOGECLAIR and AIRTIFICIAL, among others.

The equipment designed by INDAERO can meet requirements for temperature, fire resistance, use of special materials, European directives, airworthiness, extreme environments, safety of use, etc…

With our experience we are capable of designing not only the product, but all the technology to carry it out, including thermoforming molds, tools and everything necessary to obtain a final product with the best quality.

Resources and services

INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY S.L., has a consolidated engineering department, from which important designs for the aeronautical and industrial sector have been carried out for more than 15 years.

It currently has 5 CATIA licenses and a fixed staff of 6 engineers that is expanded according to the needs of each project.

Reverse engineering

Starting from a physical product, the engineering department of INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY is capable of 3D scanning, designing and industrializing the different elements, to achieve a product that meets the technical requirements demanded.