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Company dedicated to the design and manufacture focused on the aeronautical and New Space markets.
Its wide range of processes and its experience with soft materials such as: foam, plastics or textiles, as well as the machining and transformation of metallic materials, make the company an excellent business partner for each of its clients.


The origin dates from 1969, beginning its steps in the engraving sector, in 2002 he consolidated his firm INDAERO, manufacturing plates and labels for AIRBUS. Two years later, it makes its way into the world of machining, expanding its services in the manufacture of aeronautical parts, and later becoming certified in the EN9100 Aerospace standard.
In 2010, it expands its area radius and begins to export products in Europe. Two years later, it forms the business alliance GRUPO EMERGY in which, thanks to its strategic union with UNILASER and EBAMEC, achieve market immersion space machining and sheet metal transformation, including laser cutting, bending, manual and robotic welding processes.
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Since 2013, INDAERO began working with additive manufacturing, using high-resistance thermoplastics for the manufacture of hybrid tooling and soluble molds for composites. In 2017, he achieved international recognition in the 3D printing sector thanks to his participation in the AIRBUS NH90 project.
In 2018, thanks to an extensive investment in technology, among which 5-axis CNCs and a 6-axis Absolute Arm measuring arm stand out, INDAERO entered the Aerospace sector with high-precision machining for projects of international stature.
Thanks to the avant-garde vision of its work team, its resilience and constant investment in technology, Nowadays INDAERO GRUPO EMERGY has more than 2000 m2 of facilities, has carried out more than 120 engineering projects in the aeronautical sector and supplies more than 4000 references for the aerospace sector.


Offer products and services that generate confidence in our customers. Treat each client with excellence so that they share their experience with other companies. Promote the personal and professional development of our team.


We want to be a company recognized by society, customers, suppliers and investors for its professionalism, quality and values. Ideal: Transparent relationships, clear guidelines and fulfilled commitments.


Work with passion, joy and illusion. The will to progress and courage to face challenges applied to the improvement of service and quality. The commitment to the personal and professional development of our workers. Exceed customer expectations in our service.

Quality and R&D

At Indaero Grupo Emergy we see innovation as a fundamental tool to continuously improve and grow. That is why we decided to implement a new R+D+i strategy: INDAERO INNOVA 2022.


COVID-19 pandemic
Supply chain crisis
EU drive for the energy transition
Innovation trends and norms


economic resilience
Organizational changes
Staff training at all levels.
Shared and conscious ambition


With our environment
With our community
With our beliefs
With our principles

R&D projects

Some of the PROJECTS in which we have participated

Cladding Project

Research project on “laser cladding” technology, consisting of the application of a metallic coating layer by adding material to the surface of a piece to improve its characteristics, normally to increase resistance to wear or corrosion.

The contribution is made by direct powder fusion. The creation of the trajectories to follow during the process is studied, as well as the use of different nozzles for the contribution of the metallic powder and the materials used.

Program: CDTI
Years: 2013
Innovation Field: Advanced Manufacturing
Knowledge area: Additive manufacturing
Technology: Laser Cladding [TRL 5-6]

Q. Cladplus

Development and implementation of “laser cladding” technology through the application of coating layers in different test tubes. Study and analysis of the quality of the coating beads, observing the resulting properties such as dilution, porosity or finish.

Innovation Field:Advanced Manufacturing
Knowledge area: Additive manufacturing
Technology:Laser Cladding[TRL 6-7]

P. NH-90

ATDAM (Aerospace Tooling Design for Additive Manufacturing) technology. Requirements analysis, design, simulation, additive manufacturing, assembly and tuning of a set of tools intended to be used in production operations of helicopters with carbon fiber fuselage.

Innovation Field:Advanced Manufacturing
Knowledge area: Additive manufacturing
Technology:Aerospace Tooling Design for Additive Manufacturing [TRL 8-9]

P. Indaero Analytics

Development of a digital tool for the extraction of internal data, obtaining information, integration in the cloud and subsequent analysis. Automation of the data collection to be able to visualize and disseminate it in an integral way in the company.

Innovation field: Industry 4.0
Knowledge area:Management through data
Technology: Cloud integration, data processing and process automation [TRL 8-9]

P. Green-FA 4.0

Generation and maturation of “Laser Direct Material Deposition” (LMD) processes and their trade-off with SLM technology for use in the additive manufacturing of critical aeronautical engine parts in Inconel 718.

Program: FEDER Interconnects
Innovation Field:Advanced Manufacturing
Knowledge area: Additive manufacturing
Technology: Wire-Based Laser Metal Deposition (LMD-W) [TRL 6-7]

P. Spot

Reengineering of the continuous laser welding process to spot laser welding to ensure thermal stability in the manufacture of AISI316 heat exchangers, with dimensions of 4×1.5 m and only 8 mm thick, which require sealing and resistance properties in extreme environmental conditions in its subsequent commissioning.

Innovation Field: Advanced Manufacturing
Knowledge area:Laser welding
Technology: Spot welding [TRL 8-9]

P. Mision Alpha


Type of project: Industrial Research

Initiative financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the support programme for AEIs to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Spanish industry, and with the support of the European Union through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Reference: AEI-010500-2023-46

Objective: to foster technological development and innovation in the space sector and solidify the Andalusian ecosystem to carry out all the phases required in a satellite project. Analyse, design, manufacture, launch and operate the CubeSat “Alpha3”, whose mission has technological, scientific and educational purposes, covering various fields, including the analysis and study of the magnetic field in Earth orbit.