The SPACE Spain association, whose main members are Airbus and Boeing, selects and rewards Indaero Grupo Emergy for our improvement and technology projects. We received the SPACE AERO award last Friday at the hands of Darío González Fernández and Rubén González Fernández.

Our most sincere thanks to María Lourdes Gantes Pedraza from SPACE and Alejandro Martínez Regalado from AIRBUS for their support. Without them, many of our current and future achievements would not be on the table.


This event is published in the ABC of Seville. Although it can be accessed by clicking here, the following excerpt is quoted:

The Sevillian company Indaero (Grupo Emergy), specialized in the manufacture of aeronautical equipment, has received the Best Improvement Award 2021 from Space Aero. This award is one of the most prestigious awarded in the aerospace sector and in this edition the work of the Andalusian company, as well as the Galician firm Utingal, has been recognized.

Space Aero is a non-profit association with offices in Spain, France and Germany that offers its members a set of services aimed at improving industrial performance and competitiveness within the supply chain of the civil aviation industry and the space industry.

Currently, in Spain it has close to five thousand partners, including Airbus, Boeing, Thales, Dassault, Tedae, BDLI, Aciturri, Alestis, Airgrup, Liebherr and Andalucía Aerospace.

From Space Spain they point out that the objective of these awards is “to value and recognize the efforts and progress of companies committed to continuous improvement, in order to promote and achieve greater quality and competitiveness.”

The Sevillian company Indaero is specialized in the manufacture and design of aeronautical and space equipment, such as Ground Support Equipment for Aircraft (GSE), Aircraft Interior Equipment, as well as the manufacture of structures for satellites, with more than 800 parts of satellites delivered in 2020.