Friday May 28, 2021, Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2021. The ABC of Seville highlights Indaero Grupo Emergy for its participation in the sector. He also praises the way of dealing with the crisis to stay in the market. This took place after a live interview with our manager Dario González during the fair. The intervention was televised that same day on Canal Sur Televisión.

The Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2021 (ADM 2021) were held in blended format on May 26 and 27. The meeting, which has been held biennially and in person since 2012, is the largest of those held in southern Europe, and is organized by the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior, through Extenda- Andalucía Exportación e Inversión Extranjera, and by the French company BCI Aerospace, a specialist in international meetings in the aeronautical sector (EuropaPress).

In the photo our managing partners Darío González Fernández (right) and Rubén González Fernández (left). The caption of the photo reads as follows: “The brothers Rubén and Darío González, partners and directors of Indaero Grupo Emergy, a Seville manufacturer of aircraft equipment with additive technology, which has been chosen by Airbus as one of its best suppliers.”


This event is published in the ABC of Seville. Although it can be accessed by clicking here, the following excerpt is quoted:

The Aerospace and Defense Meetings (ADM) Seville 2021 marks a turning point for the Andalusian aeronautical industry after the difficult year of the pandemic. This is how some businessmen and managers perceive it, happy to resume business contacts, who think that the sector has hit bottom and what remains is to go back. This fifth edition of the Seville aeronautical fair, the largest commercial event in the aerospace sector in Spain and one of the main ones in Europe, has been held over the last two days in blended format.

Half a thousand professionals from 264 companies from 20 countries have participated in this meeting organized by Extenda, which was attended by three major world manufacturers.