Indaero is a 15 year old engineering and aeronautical manufacturing company based in Seville. We invite you to know our journey during this time.

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Indaero Tecnigrab

We design, manufacture and assemble accessories for the aerospace industry. With vast experience in plastics, metals, textiles, foams and rubber materials, INDAERO provides solutions which comply to the most demanding aviation requirement with the utmost quality and durability.

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We have different high quality products:


Why Choose Us

Indaero has many years of experience in the aeronautical sector

  • Certified by EN9100 Aeronautical Quality Management.
  • 3D Printing service with high quality thermoplastics.
  • Positive contribution to the Environment.

INDAERO offers turnkey solutions, wherever posible.This way we can provide a further guarantee in the final project result and the maximum confort to our client.